My Pudency Moment

My mother makes quilts.  Gorgeous quilts.  Yet, when she talks about them, with gread pudency she claims ‘they aren’t anything special.’  I beg to differ.

Pudency [pyood-n-see] is a noun that means modesty.  So, my mother is very modest about her quilt making skills.  She has pudency.  She compares herself with her sister-in-law who does machine embroidery on quilts.  Since my mother can’t do machine embroidery, she feels she isn’t as good.  But she pieces quilts and makes fabulously beautiful ones!

Pudency also means bashfulness.  Maybe you know someone who has done something that you think is spectacularly fabulous.  Yet that person’s pudency (bashfulness) keeps him from bragging about his deeds.

Pudency can also mean embarrassment.  Pudency definitely describes my feelings of a situation I was in several years ago.  At that time, I was playing the piano for a children’s church meeting.  I started playing the song in the key of C.  It was written in the key of E flat.  I started laughing so hard at my mistake that I banged my head on the piano.  Talk about pudency!

I hope you don’t find yourself in situations where you feel pudency like I did!

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