Back in my youth, there was a song titled Hair.  It was all about long hair — and if you could see the singer’s eyes he thought that his hair was too short.  I thought of this song as I learned two new words yesterday.

Hirsute [hur soot] is an adjective that means hairy or shaggy.  Remember Tommy Kirk in the movie The Shaggy Dog?  You could definitely say that he was hirsute as he was transformed into a dog.

When my husband needs a hair cut, he is hirsute (shaggy) — or at least in the spots where he isn’t bald.  🙂

King Kong is hirsute.  Jacob, in the Twilight movies, is hirsute when he is transformed into a werewolf.  Maybe Kong and Jacob might be interested in depilatory products.

Depilatory [di-pil-uh-tawr-ee] is an adjective that means capable of removing hair.  The most common form of depilation is shaving.  You could also pluck out unwanted hairs but that could take FOREVER if you had lots of hair to get rid of.

Nair and Neet are two hair removal products.  A person could also use a waxing method (oooh! that sounds so painful!) to remove unwanted hair.  Or, there’s also laser and electrolysis treatments.

Quite a few options if you tend to be very hirsute.

I’m glad that I’m not hirsute and that I don’t need serious depilatory work!

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