Another Duh Moment for Me

There are many words in our language that have prefixes that change the meaning of the root of the word.  Prefixes like in, im, un, and non.

And sometimes we see the word with the prefix a bazillion times more than seeing it sans prefix.  And when we see it sans prefix, we sit up and take notice.  Well, at least, I do.

Like this morning.  I read the word ‘peccable.’   That was my ‘well, duh’ moment.

The word ‘impeccable’ is more widely used and recognized.  And because of this, my little pea brain never processed the fact that if I removed the prefix, I would have the root word.  And that root word would be something that I could add to my vocabulary arsenal.

Peccable is an adjective that means liable to sin or error.  If you say that someone is peccable (as is many of our government officials . . . ) you are stating that they are liable of sinning and making errors.  Which they do.

We know that impeccable means flawless or faultless.  So peccable means to have flaws or faults.  A diamond that has flaws is peccable.  A poorly written term paper for school is peccable because it has flaws and errors.

My thinking was peccable (flawed) in not understanding or realizing that I could remove im from impeccable and get a word that means something.

Silly me.

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