Two Useful Words

Do you know somebody who brags and boasts all the time?  Rather boring, isn’t he?  There’s one way that you can liven things up the next time you see him.  Tell him to stop his rodomontade or fanfaronade.

Rodomontade [rod-uh-mon-teyd] is a noun that means vainglorious boasting or bragging.  Blustering talk.  You know the kind.  A lot of hot air and nothing to support it.

Fanfaronade [fan-fer-uh-neyd] is a noun that means bragging, bravado, bluster.  It’s a synomym for rodomontade.  And bragging.  And boasting.  These are two great words.

Now there’s nothing wrong with a person modestly sharing his successes and achievements with friends and family members.  It’s good to celebrate those moments.

However, when a person makes a HUGE deal out of what he has done, and brags, and brags, and brags about it, it really gets on your nerves, doesn’t it?  It’s as if he is high and mighty and everybody else is scum between the toes.

If you (nicely) request that the person stop his rodomontading or fanfaronading, it just might take some of the wind out of his blustery sails because he probably wouldn’t have a clue about what you just said. Tell him to go look up the words in the dictionary. 

Then, smugly sit by as he reads the definition and understands what you just said.

However, be prepared in the event that he might want to slug you for calling him names.  You might want to make a quick getaway about this time.

But then maybe, just maybe, he might just stop his rodomontading!

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