I’m Verklempt over Verklempt

I recently read a blog that used an usual word.  I scurried to the dictionary to look it up.  It was verklempt.  What a fun word!

Verklempt, a Yiddish word, is an adjective that means overcome with emotion, speechless, choked up.

Now, to be verklempt could be a good thing.  Or a bad thing.

A ‘good’ verklempt would be if you found out that you won the lottery.  That you found out you were going to be a mother (assuming that is what you desired).  That your beloved husband was coming home from the war.  When good things happen and you are overcome with emotion and are unable to speak, your verklemp is a good kind of verklempt.

But, say the doctor told you that you had cancer and would pass away in 3 months.  Or that a family member perished in a car accident.  Or that you had lost your job, you were losing your home because you couldn’t pay the mortgage, and that you needed back surgery but couldn’t afford it.  That’s a bad kind of verklempt that would make you feel overcome with emotion.  Heck, it would even make you severely depressed!

Next time you see someone who is choked up with emotion, know that the person is experiencing verklempt.

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