You Little Meshuggener, You

The more Yiddish words that I learn, the more I appreciate them.  They are so fun to say.  Fun meanings.  Well, at least the words that tend to cross my path have fun meanings.

Words like meshuggener.

Meshuggener [muh-shoog-uh-ner] is a noun that means a crazy person.  How many times during the day do you cross paths with a crazy person?  Lots, I bet.

Now, instead of calling them a crazy person (which is so blase and regular and ordinary) you can whip out this word and call them a meshuggener.  (When I use this word, I plan on really empasizing the second syllable.  Drawing it out with disdain dripping in my voice.)

When a spouse does something that is like totally way different from your way of thinking, you can mutter, “you meshuggener” under your breath.

When a child asks you for some outrageous thing, jovially slap him on the back, call him a meshuggener, and have a deep belly laugh.  Walk away chuckling and shaking your head.  That will make HIM shake his head . . .

Somebody cut in front of you at the ticket line for the dollar show?  Calling that person a meshuggener is in order. 

Know someone who ate a 2-pound belly-busting hamburger?  Did triple body twists and flipped end-over-end somersaults off the diving board at the local swimming pool?  Somebody ask you for a $1,000 loan that they will pay you back day after tomorrow?  Meshuggeners. 

Every last one of them.

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