Be Ye A Troglodyte?

Do you have someone in your life who is an absolute pain in the neck?  Someone that causes frustration and roll-your-eyes-at-him consternation?

And, maybe, just maybe, you think that you would like to punch him in the face.  It sure would make you feel better.  Until he called the cops and you were hauled off to jail.

Here’s a better idea.  Use word power instead of muscle power.  Next time you have an up-close and in-your-face encounter with this person, call him a troglodyte. Troglodyte.  Troglodyte.  Troglodyte!

He’ll probably stop short, scratch his head, and turn away in confusion not having the faintest idea what you just said.

What is a troglodyte?  The word troglogdyte [trog-luh-dahyt] is a noun that means a person of degraded, primitive, or brutal character or a person who is unaccquainted with affairs of the world.  It originates from the Greek word that means one who dwells in caves.

My husband could call me a troglodyte and at times that would be correct.  Meaning that at times I am unaccquainted with what is going on in the world.  The daily newspaper that we subscribe to is (to me) a joke of a newspaper.  National and international events are relegated to one or two paragraphs on page 8.  I don’t deem it worth my time to read it.  I learn more just by eavesdropping on conversations on public transportation.  So, at times I am a troglodyte.

Back to the pain in the neck in your life.  He is probably exhibiting primitivie behavior.  He is probably brutish in character.  He probably acts like he lives in a cave and has personal grooming to match.  Dub him a troglodyte.  Call him one.  Repeat it over and over and over.  You’ll feel better.

It’s much safer than punching him in the face.  Because, if you do punch him, YOU would be the troglodyte!

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