Xenopobe? Not me!

My travels lately have taken me to Denmark, Fiji, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman Island, Tahiti, and various places in the U.S.  I love to travel.  (Not the flying part — just the being in different places part!)

It amazes me (and saddens me) when I meet people who are xenophobes.

Xenophobe [zen-uh-fohb] is a noun meaning a person who fears or hates foreigners, strangers, or strange customs.

I think it is absolutely fascinating to go to foreign countries, to mingle with the people who live there, to learn of their customs and ways, to eat their food, to walk their paths.

I also love reading books that gives me insights into different cultures and peoples and places.  Books like Oracle Bones, A Fine Balance, Stones into Schools, and Shanghai Girls.  Books are windows that I can peep through and experience life in different places to get a taste and an idea of what life is like there.  If by chance I’m not able to travel there, at least I gain insights by reading about these fascinating places.  I don’t ever want to be xenophobic!

Xenophobic people must live a narrow, dull life!

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