Are We in Kansas, Toto?

Growing up, The Wizard of Oz was my all-time favorite movie.  (But maybe that was because in those dark ages, there wasn’t much competition . . .)

So, when I came across the word in toto, what did my mind obviously flash back to?  Why of course, to the Wizard of Oz.  Of course.

In toto is an adjective and is pronounced the same as the dog’s name in The Wizard of Oz.  It means totally, entirely, completely, wholly. 

Do you know someone who is enamored with an actor or actress or a music band?  You could say that they are obsessed in toto about that person.

Or, you could say something like this: in toto, there are fifteen sophomores in the English class that Mr Smith teaches.  Or: the wife accepted the husband’s apology in toto.  Or: the supervisor accepted the recommendations in toto.

Now, your understanding of this word is in toto, right?

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