A Blockhead By Any Other Name

Sometimes I think I need to learn Yiddish.  They have such delightful words.  Words that are fun to say.  Words that sound intriguing.  Words that have great meanings.  Words such as schmegeggy.

Schmegeggay [shmuh-GEG-ee] is a noun that means stupid person.  If someone is doing something that is brilliantly unintelligent, you can tell them to stop being a schmegeggy.  Or you could write on your blog about how schmegeggy your local politians are when they do something that proves they are not the brightest crayon in the box.

You’ve seen videos on YouTube of people doing stupid things?  Thinks like trying to jump from a rooftop onto a homemade trampoline and breaking through the trampoline and breaking their bones?  Or someone making homemade fireworks that end up exploding in their hands?  Schmegeggies, every one of them!  (By the way, here’s an observation.  Most of them are males.  Not too many females participate — or else not to many of them video themselves doing schmegeggy things and then post it to YouTube!!)

Schmegeggay also means nonsense.  “Stop all of this schmegeggay,” you might say to someone who is being silly or doing crazy things.  If someone suggests doing some derring do activity, you can refuse doing schmegeggy things. Call it self-preservation or preserving your dignity.  Whatever.  You don’t need to do schmegeggay things.

If someone from your high school years wants to ‘friend’ you on Facebook but really wasn’t your friend during those years, you might say, “Schmegeggay. I don’t need to friend you!”

Here’s hoping you lead a schmegeggay-free life!

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