Rhinos and Their Rhino

The Greeks gave us the lovely word rhino which means nose.  Everyone knows that a rhinoceros is a perissodactyl mammal that has either one or two large horns on its snout.  Such lovely creatures.

Because we know that rhino means nose, we know that rhinoplasty is plastic surgery on the nose.  Barbara Streisand, Cher, and most definitely Michael Jackson come to mind when we think of rhinoplasty.

What about rhinorrhoea?  What does that means?

I’m glad you asked.

If rhino means nose and -rrhea means flow or discharge then it is very safe to assume that rhinorrhoea [rahy-nuh-ree-uh] means an discharge of something coming out of the nose.  And that discharge would be in excess! And what might that excess discharge of something be?  Why mucus, of course! 

During the cold season, many people have rhinorrhoea.  Saying ‘I have rhinorrhoea’ is more fun to say than ‘I have a cold.’ That is not as classy sounding. Saying you have rhinorrhoea sounds as if you have an exotic disease or that you are a marvel in the medical world.

Rhinorrhoea, rhinorrhoea, rhinorrhoea!

If a rhinoceros had rhinorrhoea, how bad would that be? 

Bad. Real bad.

I wouldn’t want to have to wipe THAT nose!

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