Noodge Me Not

Are you a parent?  If so, chances are that your children have hit you up to (insert here any activity that children insist on participating in).  If they perceive it to be a crucial-to-attend activity and you say no, they will whine, throw temper tantrums, sulk, and beg-and-beg-and-beg to go.

If they do, shout at them, “Noodge me not!”

Noodge not!  Such a great, dramatic phrase. (Thank you once again to the lovely Yiddish language for this word!)

Noodge [nooj] is a verb that means to pester, nag, or whine.  It describes someone who annoyingly pesters someone else with complaints or pleas.  I can imagine a child laying prostrate on the floor crying, “Please, please, please?”

It’s painful if you have a noodging child.  I think that children’s DNA come hard-wired for knowing how much it wears a parent down when they noodge incessantly about something.  Many times they kick into high gear to be particularly obnoxious in hopes of getting their way.

I say, “Parents, unite!  Stay firm.  Buck up.  Don’t give in when your child nudges you.”

If they noodge you, get even.  Noodge them back!  Cleaning their room, doing their chores around the home, or doing their homework are great things to noodge children about.  If you use similar histrionics, I bet they’ll cease and desist their own noodging!



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