Oh How Wormwood!

I know a fellow who is divorced.  Even though he has paid his ex-wife all of the money that the court ordered him to, she keeps coming back for more money.  Her intent is to keep making him pay for all of her wormwood experiences he has caused her.

Wormwood  [wurm-wood] is a noun that means something bitter, grievous, or extremely unpleasant.  So this woman is soaking her ex-husband for as much money as she can get because of all the emotionally painful experiences he caused her during their married life.

You can have a wormwood experience like having to speak in public or having a messy blow-up with a friend in a restaurant.  A wormwood experience could be when a loved one passes away or someone takes a part of your inheritance that you thought was rightfully yours.  Having your boss severely criticize you in front of co-workers is a wormwood experience.  Having a constantly nagging wife is very wormwood.

It’s interesting to note the use of this word in the Bible.  It is mentioned as the name of a plant that is noted for its intense bitterness.  In Amos, the Hebrew word is translated into hemlock which is a poisonous plant.  Interesting, interesting, interesting.

So, when something very unpleasant happens to you, fall into a heap, fling your arm over your forehead and moan that you can’t take any more of those wormwood experiences.  That will make people sit up and take notice!

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