Wild Driver

Jehu.  I so wish that I had known this word when we went to Mexico in March!

Jehu [jee– hoo] is a noun that means fast driver.  It also refers to someone who drives a cab.  (Isn’t a fast driver synonymous with cab driver??)

This word comes to us from the Old Testament.  King Jehu was well-known for driving his chariot at break-neck speeds.  I wonder if there were highway patrolmen back then who gave tickets to speeding chariot drivers . . . So, if someone drives fast, you can say he is a jehu.  (Notice I used the masculine pronoun ‘he.’  That’s because we females never drive over the speed limit, now do we?  Not me!)

Everybody knows that the faster a taxi driver delivers his passenger to the place he wants to go then the taxi can get another passenger.  The more passengers a taxi driver has the more money he makes. Everybody understands this, right?  Right.

When we were in Mexico, we took a taxi from Bucerias where we were staying over to Puerto Vallarta. We chatted with the driver.  We learned about some of the laws that governed taxis. If a taxi driver takes someone to another state in Mexico, that taxi driver cannot pick up a passenger in that state.  He has to go back to the state he is licensed in.

Bucerias is only 20 miles from Puerto Vallarta.  But they are in two different states.  That meant, the taxi driver could not pick up a passenger in Puerto Vallarta.  So, his goal was to get us to Puerto Vallarta and get back to Bucerias as fast as he could.  We flew at Mach 1 speed.

Yahoo, you jehu taxi drivers!

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