Great Yiddish Word

I’m sitting at my computer. I just ate a candy bar that is parading as a granola bar.  (It’s covered with chocolate and has peanuts . . . not much different that a Snickers.)

It’s just a little nosh to quell my grumbling stomach until lunch time.

Nosh. What a great Yiddish word.  As a noun, it means a snack.  As a verb, it means to snack or eat between meals.

Mothers lean toward trying to make their children avoid any noshes.  Mothers want their children to be hungry at meal time so they will eat their vegetables. Go brocolli!  (Personally, I’d rather have a chocolate covered, peanut-filled granola bar . . . Wouldn’t you?)

Sometimes, workers need a mid-morning nosh to give them a quick boost of energy. (Eating a nosh at work fortifies you for the distasteful tasks you have to do.)

When you see a movie, eating a nosh is very appropriate.  It enhances your movie going experience. 🙂

If you are a frequent flyer, you know that you have to supply your own nosh.  Many airlines don’t give them to you.

Now that my children are grown, I don’t have to set a healthy eating example.  I can eat noshes any time of the day I want.  Yipee!

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