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I have always loved words and loved learning new words. I love to browse through a dictionary reading words at random. Sometimes after I look up one word, I get side-tracked looking at other words.

One of my favorite Christmas presents that my husband gave me when we were first married was a dictionary – not just the small, desk-top, student dictionary type of dictionary. Oh, no! A hefty, big honking, five pound dictionary good for looking up all sorts of words — and pressing random leaves for our kids’ school projects.

In an effort to increase my own vocabulary (and those of my husband and children), I often post a “word of the day” on the fridge. (However, those words often lingered longer than a day . . . It takes more than a day to get a new word solidly into our memories and vocabularies – and . . . sometimes I just didn’t get around to changing it!!)

I grab a blank piece of paper and, using a Sharpie marker (so the writing would be easily seen from a distance), I write down a word, it’s pronunciation and definition. Then I write it in a sentence so that the word could be easily remembered and understood. (This is VERY similar to my experience of learning spelling words when I was in grade school in the Mesozoic era!)

Then, I’d tape it to the most frequented place in the house – the fridge. During our conversations for the next few days, I see how many times I can use the word and encourage my children to see if they, too, can use the word in their conversations. Great fun. In fact, many of the people who frequent our home will go to the fridge to check out the word of the day (before opeing it to see if there’s something good inside . . .).

I hope that you will enjoy — and more importantly USE — the words that I share here with you.

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